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Things NOT to clean with Vinegar

Things NOT to clean with vinegar

Vinegar is one of my favourite cleaning products, it’s cheap, easy to use, kills 99% of bacteria and germs on hard surfaces etc etc…

There are times however that vinegar can be harmful.

Please take note of these specific things and make sure you are NOT using vinegar or vinegar mixed with water to clean the following areas:

Hardwood Floors – Vinegar is acidic and will dull and damage the finish on hardwood floors.
Granite or Marble Counters/Floors (or other stone surfaces) – this can etch and pit the stone causing thousands of dollars of damage.
Waxed surfaces – you should never use vinegar on waxed surfaces as the vinegar will strip off the wax and dull the sheen.
TV, Computer, and other smart appliance screens – there is a thin coating over some of these electronics to help limit fingerprints and vinegar will strip this protective layer off.
Cast Iron and Aluminum cookware – these are reactive surfaces so discolouration can occur

Also please note it is not ever safe to mix vinegar and bleach together as this will result in a powerful gas you will not want to be breathing in!

If you need some suggestions for which cleaning products are a safe alternative to vinegar please ask as we will be happy to help!