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Guest Post – Keeping your House Pristine

A tidy house is something we all strive for, but with busy lives and growing families it can be a difficult task to achieve in the first place, let alone maintain. For some tidiness comes naturally – everything has its place and so on, but for most it takes conscious effort and that is something we do not always have time to give.
Being tidy really is the easiest way to keep your house looking pristine. It may sound silly, but you can dust those bookshelves all you want, if the books are scattered all over the place it will all look messy. There are some decent tricks to keeping each and every room of your home tidy, but most revolve around finding homes for things and making sure they are put back there after use.

The Bedroom

Most bedrooms come with adequate storage for your belongings, so scan the surfaces of your room and weigh up what actually needs to be out on show. Do you really need lipstick on the bed-side table or can this go in a cupboard? Not only will de-cluttering make the room look better, but it will make cleaning quicker and more efficient. If you don’t have enough storage space go out and get some, and then make sure you use it.

The Living Areas

The place in our homes where we spend most of our time, and make most of the mess. When it comes to your Living Room, baskets are your friends. They look neat and can be placed almost anywhere to provide a tidy resting place for remote controls, magazines and even shoes. The coffee table is usually the centre of Lounge chaos, so make sure you take a minimalist approach here and don’t allow it to become a dumping ground for mail, newspapers and books. Finally, if you have young ones then toys strewn across the floor can be commonplace. Space behind sofas and armchairs is usually the perfect place to store all these items rather than sweeping them into a pile in the corner. Just try to reach a routine of tidying last thing before bed and your lounge will look perfect every morning.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms can be clutter central, but with a little bit of thought they can look like a minimalist paradise. At the sink, put up a toothbrush holder to stop them getting strewn across the top of the sink. Not only will this look neater but it will keep your sink clean for longer. Under the sink, invest in a small storage unit to fit in with the theme of the room. There are plenty of options out there – plastic boxes, linen/wood-type affairs and wicker baskets all designed to provide a space to put your razors, toothpaste and other essential bathroom products so that they are out of sight and not cluttering up your room. As with the bedroom, getting the majority of items off of surfaces and into drawers will make cleaning easier and also slow the dirtying process.

The Kitchen

The room where everything does have a home, so make sure you use it. Designate cupboards for particular items and purchase a spice rack if you don’t already have one. Have a cupboard or rack specifically for shoes, if this isn’t in the hallways, to stop them cluttering the room and providing a trip hazard. Most importantly in the kitchen, get into the routine of tidying as you go – it will save you so much time and hassle in the long run!

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