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Guest Post: Eco-Cleaning

Eco-cleaning – saving the planet whilst busting the dust

The world is in a petty sorry state of affairs; pollution and general ravaging of the planet’s resources have led to an increasing need to human beings to rethink the way that they inhabit the earth. Whilst there a larger problems to tackle, every little helps, and if you can be the kind of person who has freed themselves from the habits that are contributing to the issues that are blighting the future of the planet, then please do try! Being a little more eco-friendly on a day to day basis is not going to heal the o-zone layer, but if everyone acted in a responsible way, then the damage would be lessened considerably, so here are a few ideas on how to improve your ecological stance when cleaning your home.

The main issue that the world faces is pollution, and the production of plastics can cause this. There are also issues with the natural of plastic as a non-natural material, in that it is not bio-degradable in most cases. This essentially means that plastics companies are sending toxic fumes into the air whilst making a product that will lie around on the earth’s surface for many thousands of years. So, how do you come in to this? Buying durable products will reduce the amount of waste that you allow to happen. Plastic products used for cleaning like buckets, pans, brushes and the like will often crack and break quite easily, making them pretty useless. In these cases, many people just throw such things away, and in these cases, the plastic will end up on the land fill site, or even dumped in the ocean. Recently wales have been found dead with stomachs full of plastic waste, which they have eaten from dumped rubbish, this needs to stop. Buying wood and metal items that are both more durable and usually more responsibly sources will help you to cut down on the plastics you use.

Man-made fibers are usually the main materials in disposable sponges and j-cloths, and the way in which they are made encourages waste; you use them a couple of times and then throw them away, dirty and consigned for the land fill site. Again, responsible and sustainable products like flannels, cotton cloths and even cut up old clothes that you would have thrown out can be a lot more effective as well as protective to the environment.

Avoid using toxic chemical cleaning products, as they can cause serious harm to the eco-systems that they are flushed in to. These cleaning products are also harmful to humans if inhaled too often, or ingested. The bottles that they come in are usually plastic, which is yet another reason to avoid them. Instead, look in to eco-cleaning products, that use plant extracts and minerals to make equally effective leaners. The bottles will be recycled and refillable, but you may find them to be quite expensive. In lieu of these sorts of cleaning products you can use natural products like white vinegar and lemon to make excellent cleaning products that will ensure that your house is cleaned thoroughly, without letting any toxic waste into the natural environment around you! Add baking soda to make a great cream cleaner, which can do anything from shine up taps, to unblocking plug holes!

The way in which you clean is up to you, but in order to help the planet for future generations, try to avoid wastage, plastics and toxic chemicals.

Eco-cleaning - saving the planet whilst busting the dust

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