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How to find a good house cleaning service

Tips for finding a good house cleaning service…

Finding a quality professional cleaning service provider can be very time consuming.
With so many service providers, ranging from franchised businesses to local providers of all sizes, it is difficult to identify a good quality cleaning service. Avoid disastrous results and find a quality house cleaning service that will keep your home sparkling clean and give you peace of mind.

Here are some questions you can ask to help narrow down your search for a great home cleaning service provider.

Are you insured?

It’s easy to get proof of insurance — simply ask the cleaning service company to have their insurance company fax or email you a copy of their certificate of insurance. A reputable cleaning company will be happy to provide proof of insurance. Enjoy peace of mind every time your home is cleaned. Choose a cleaning company that has insurance to protect you and your home in case of damage to your property and injury to the house cleaners while they are on your property.

Do you charge hourly for your home cleaning services or do you provide a flat rate quote?

Have the company or cleaner provide you conformation, in writing, once a decision has been made about a house cleaning rate. Whether it will be an hourly rate for house cleaning services or a flat rate quote having a clear understanding between you and your service provider is very important. It is also a very good idea to have them outline your payment options in writing in advance also. This way there are no misunderstandings about due dates, payment methods, cancellation policies etc.

Do you offer a Satisfaction Guarantee?

What if you pay for a house cleaning service and you are not happy with the results? Find out what your cleaner or cleaning companies policies are for dealing with issues such as work not completed or poor quality of work. No one is perfect, mistakes can be made or things can be missed but having a clear understanding of how your cleaner or cleaning company is going to follow up with these issues is very important.


Always ask for references. And once you have them follow through with a quick call or email to find out what their thoughts are on hiring this person or company to provide your cleaning services.


Most importantly define your expectations clearly! If you expect your cleaner to empty your garbage and sort your recycling, or to change your bed linens, then please make this part of your discussion during the quotation process. Discuss your preferences about cleaning products or methods, clearly identify areas of your home that you would like to be addressed and any areas that you feel are not required as part of a regular cleaning.

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