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Guest Post: Eco-friendly cleaning can clear the conscience

The plight of the planet has been highlighted for years, but very little is done by the average person to make things right. Whether we are resigned to the fate of the future races, or we are just turning a blind eye, it is clear that the human race needs to do more in order to preserve the planet those humans who come after us. A lot of the impact that humans have on the planet comes from combustion, deforestation and unsustainable energy in general, which means that many are left with the feeling that they are helpless to prevent the devastating effects of global warming in the long run. There are ways in which the planet could be saved however, but only if everyone on the earth acts together to prevent these things from happening. Sure, you can stop driving your car as much, and recycle more, but what about your day to day, how does the planet get affected by things so menial as chores and cleaning? There are many ways in which the cleaning of your home can damage the planet that little bit more, and they are mainly based in the chemicals used in such processes. No one is suggesting that you should clean less, as much of the dirt that racks up in your home will be fairly harmful, but in a lot of cases, the chemicals used to get rid of this dirt are more harmful than the dirt itself. Surely then, there must be a better way to clean than by flooding our homes and waterways with toxic chemicals, that can harm both humans and the eco systems around them? How do you make your home clean a more ecologically responsible process?


Start by looking at the bottles under the sink. How many of them have the word ‘harmful’ on? This type of language is not what you want associated with the products that you are sloshing about your home. Dispose of them safely, and invest instead in more environmentally friendly products, that are made sustainably. These products are produced from materials like minerals and plant extracts, that give an effective clean, without damaging the earth. You will find that these products come in recyclable containers, and can sometimes be refilled at certain places. They are also rather expensive, as specialist industries usually have higher margins, and this will mean that many cannot afford such lavish products. Look into other more natural cleaners, like lemon,  vinegar and baking soda for instance.


These three products that can be found in the pantry are amazingly good cleaners for the whole house, and can be used in a variety of ways. Lemon has a high acidity that kills bacteria, and leaves a fresh scent. Try wiping down your kitchen surfaces with a halved lemon, to see it’s degreasing power at work. Vinegar also has a high acidity, and can be used neat or with water as a household cleaner. Use vinegar neat as a sort of bleach when cleaning the toilet, or leave it in a bowl of hot water in a room overnight, and you should find that any musty smells have vanished by the time you come back to it in the morning. Baking soda has a carbonated effect when mixed with liquid, which means that the cleaning happens more vigorously. When mixed with lemon, the soda becomes a great cream cleaner in the bathroom, getting rid of soap scum and lime scale. Try putting all three down a blocked plug with boiling water… the results are spectacular!


This article was composed on behalf of:  E13