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Guest Post: Eco-Cleaning

Eco-cleaning – saving the planet whilst busting the dust The world is in a petty sorry state of affairs; pollution and general ravaging of the planet’s resources have led to an increasing need to human beings to rethink the way that they inhabit the earth. Whilst there […]

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What to do about mold…

The Health Hazards of Indoor Mold Molds are naturally occurring organisms in the ecosystem, interacting with many biological systems. Continually floating wherever the air directs their tiny spores, sometimes molds begin to colonize and grow exactly where they are not wanted – inside the home. While some […]

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Cleaning tips for reducing allergens – Guest Post

Cleaning tips for reducing allergens If you suffer from allergies and/or asthma, you should definitely consider reducing allergens in your house. Dust is your worst enemy so make sure to reduce it. Good thing is, you have many things you could do, which are not expensive or […]

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Closet Organization for Children – Guest Post

Closet Organization for Children When it comes to the never- ending task of keeping a clean house, parents frequently have to repeat the command, “Clean your room!”   The key is to realize that cleanliness is not always the issue, frequently it is tidiness and overall organization at […]

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Guest Post – Keeping your House Pristine

A tidy house is something we all strive for, but with busy lives and growing families it can be a difficult task to achieve in the first place, let alone maintain. For some tidiness comes naturally – everything has its place and so on, but for most […]

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Guest Post: Eco-friendly cleaning can clear the conscience

The plight of the planet has been highlighted for years, but very little is done by the average person to make things right. Whether we are resigned to the fate of the future races, or we are just turning a blind eye, it is clear that the […]

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